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The Idea of The Idea

People care about ideas they can see, feel, touch, and smell. If you walk into a situation where you have to share your ideas with people, you better have something to back them up or they will get shot down. I know because I’ve been that guy before. The guy that walks into to a meeting with friends and talks about a bad idea that he’s excited about only to hear that no one else really cares. They don’t care because they can’t see this big huge thing that you’ve built inside your head. They only hear words.

Your friends, your colleagues, your spouse, none of them are out to destroy every idea you have. They just need proof. You don’t need to convince them that your idea is awesome. They just don’t care until they see it. And you can’t be mad at them about that.

People start to believe in ideas when they can experience them. That’s when it becomes art. When it can connect with other humans. If you want to reach people, change the world, and make awesome stuff, then start making ideas real. Even if they suck, people will start to see that you are actually doing something and your ideas will get better and better and people will start to believe.

Proof of an idea’s awesomeness is always going to trump the idea of the idea. So give me proof.
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