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The Lame Table

Last night, I scrolled past this post from Jon Acuff on Facebook.

It made me stop and think for a minute. The cool table never goes away does it? Even when you’re a part of it, it’s still there. Even when you’re grown, it’s still there. The cool table forces smallness on the outsiders and smugness on the insiders and it’s a shame that we’re haunted by it even as adults.

I think our first reaction as adults is to want to fight back and start our own cool table. That’s a no-go, bro. Starting your own cool table is not the answer because comparison still creeps in. You feel smug and you leave people feeling left out and crappy. Comparison is a virus, but fortunately, so is awesome. Comparison breaks people down, awesome builds them up. So the only answer really is to realize the truth that nobody wanted to talk about in middle school: everybody is just as lame as you are. And that’s awesome.


So really, we’re all just sitting at The Lame Table but nobody wants to call it that. Well I’m calling it that. Welcome to The Lame Table. You’ve been here all along.

If you think you’re cool, You’re not. You’re lame. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be awesome. It just means you’re not cooler than me and I’m not cooler than you. We’re both lame… awesome. 🙂

Start a Lame Table. Invite everybody.

Happy Tuesday!


Related thought: Stop trying to be one of the cool kids.  Be one of the You kids.


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