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The Same 24 Hours

Tuesday feels good. The skies are clearing after the crazy storms here last night and the coolness of fall lingers behind.

On quick thought today: Not enough time = Not an excuse.

People who get stuff done don’t have all this extra time that you don’t have. No, they have the same 24 hours in their day as you do. Think about that for a second.

You have the same 24 hours as authors who are putting out a book a year.
Why don’t you have time to write a book?

You have the 24 hours that your favorite podcast has that airs a new episode every week.
Why don’t you have to time to record a podcast?

You have the same 24 hours as that person who gets to travel and go to interesting places.
Why don’t you have time to travel?

Excuses are lies we tell ourselves so that it doesn’t have to be our fault. The truth is we choose how we spend our time every day. The things you really want to do, get done. The rest is lost to our excuses.

Don’t let time be an excuse. Because no one person has more than the other. Choose to spend it how you really want to spend it.

Happy Tuesday!


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