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The Two Types of People Who See The Stuff You Make – The Work|Podcast: Episode 8

There are two types of people who will see your stuff that you make.

Those who you made it for.
Those you didn’t.

I wrote a post about this not too long ago mostly because I was struggling with only hearing the “haters.” But let’s be honest, it’s still a thing. It will always be a thing. There will always be people who don’t want what you’re making. Because you stood up and chose a side, chose a ground to stand on, they will say:

How dare you?

Who are to start this thing? 

Who are you to stand for this? 

You. Can’t. Do. This. 

Luckily, there will also be people who stand up with you and say:

“Me Too.”

We have to shift our focus from the haters to the people singing our fight song. The one’s standing up saying “Me too.” That’s who we’re talking to. So let’s start looking at them!

That’s what today’s episode of The Work Podcast is about!

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! When do you hear the negative voices the loudest? How do you shift you focus to the people who want what you have?

Happy Wednesday, folks!


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