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The Unexpected

You don’t always have to do what’s expected. Great art will always have an element of Unexpected. Great ideas, great businesses, great thinkers, great brands, great stories, all have an element of unexpected that keeps people coming back. It’s why people binge watch tv shows. It’s why people are committed to certain brands. It’s why certain stories that were crafted over 2,000 years ago are still told today. This happens because something was involved that was unexpected and we love it.

This makes me think of this commercial:

The dude dropped the mic, and walked away. #awesome

What kind of story are you telling? Are you living a story that’s expected? Or are you intentionally making it unexpected?


Story telling

If you want to make something out of the norm, that’s not like everything else, that’s not the “same,” add some unexpected. People will notice. The unexpected makes the story more interesting. It makes people wonder what could possibly come next. Some people won’t like it, but it wasn’t for them anyway. Your show is for the binge watchers. Make it memorable. Make it unexpected.

Happy Thursday!


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