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The Work Podcast: Episode 1.04 – Do The Work – Interview with Creative Entrepreneur, Chris Scott


Hey guys! This is the first episode to go straight to iTunes! Huge news! And I owe you a thank you. If you went and downloaded/reviewed/rated any episode in iTunes, you helped to get The Work Podcast featured on the New and Noteworthy page! So grateful for that. Mostly, I’m just excited that I can’t hide from the podcast anymore. Now it’s something real and out there for the world to see. Thanks for helping me get over that wall. Keep telling people and if you haven’t subscribed, you may do so here:

Speaking of getting over walls, that’s something I talk to Chris Scott about on today’s show! Chris is a creative entrepreneur who makes stuff that makes it easier for creative entrepreneurs to make money 🙂

He’s the man behind the successful iPad App Preveal, which helps professional photographers to sell wall art to their clients. He also is the CEO of which teaches photographers about in-person sales. And he just launched a brand new website,, which is an online sales tool to make it easier for photographers to sell art to their clients and easier for the clients to actually see what their images will look like on their walls before they buy it. 

He makes stuff.

We got into some pretty real topics on the show such as: fear, failure, suffering from idea paralysis, maintaining your health as an entrepreneur, work/life balance. All kinds of stuff!

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Wednesday!

Show Notes:

iPad app to help Pro Photographers sell wall art-
Online Sales Tool for Pro Photographers-
Sales Education Software for Photographers-

Get in tough with Chris Scott on Twitter:

Books we mentioned:

Do The Work by Steven Pressfield:…=IKFVECAT6NA3H3QO

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy…=FH76JLUBGF6O2IZC

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  • Chris Scott - Thanks for having me on the podcast. Always a great joy talking to you about work and life and art and the intersection of them all.ReplyCancel

    • Chris Creed - Always, always a pleasure to talk with you my friend. Thank you again for coming on!ReplyCancel

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