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The Work Podcast: Episode 1.06 – Into The Woods (thoughts on taking intentional breaks as a creative)


Good morning, fine humans! Hope you guys have had a brilliant start to your week and that it’s full of awesome things.

Jen and I ran away to the mountains this weekend. We were in the Smoky Mountain National Park for some hiking, hammocking, fire building, camping, and bacon-eating. Mostly we were there to take an intentional break. And that’s what today’s episode is about! I actually spent the last 20 minutes of our trip sitting down in the campsite recording the these thoughts on the importance of taking intentional breaks in-between stretches of work! I wanted to be able to talk about this topic while in the space of our break. So I did!

Hope you enjoy! I’d love to hear what you think. Let’s talk about it!

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Happy Wednesday, folks!


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