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Thinking On The Page

I could write a blog where all I did was wake up every morning and write about how I don’t know what to write about. I’d just post a picture of my blank screen every day and that would be that. I don’t know what to write about most times I sit down to write. It’s for lack of thinking. No, I think way too much. It’s not for lack of good intentions. I truly intend to write.

It’s simply from lack of doing.

Writing is a funny thing. I can sit here, with nothing on the page, nothing in particular on my mind, and if I actually start writing something will always come to me. I heard Pavel Tsatsouline say recently, “I don’t think in my mind, I think on the page.” I believe that is true for me as well. Sometimes I’ll have thoughts running around my head like a the Nascar racetrack and if I just start writing, it all starts to become a little clearer. A little less noisy. I never thought writing could be a method of thinking for me but it is. Truly.

How often do we get stuck and try to force our brains out of it with brute force?

How often are we filled with energy to make something, to do something, but can’t seem to line up our thoughts in a cohesive way?

Try thinking on a page. Maybe it’s a pen and paper. Maybe it’s an Instagram post. Maybe it’s a keyboard. Whatever and whenever it is, try to use writing as a form of thinking. Part of the reason we can’t think is because of distraction (great post and book about this here). Sitting down and focusing on the task (the task of writing) takes that away. And if you sit through the edginess (As my friend Anne Sage says), the edginess will lead you to your thoughts. Your OWN thoughts.

Because that’s the struggle: rising above the noise so you can hear your own voice.



Happy thinking!


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