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This Is Me Not Writing

This is me not writing.

I have been wanting to post all weekend but was beat out by fear. Fear of saying the wrong thing. Fear rejection. Fear of failure. But I woke up today and was reminded that this is it. That today is what all I have to make something. To add something. I only have one shot at today, so I will fight like hell to make it count.

Fear hates to see me sharing my thoughts because it knows that all it has to do is to convince me I’m wrong and everything I believe to be true will fall away to nothing.

Fear hates the sound of my keyboard.

Fear hates the sound of my camera shutter.

So this is me not writing. This is me not picking up my camera. This is me not creating today.

Ok, Fear. You win. I won’t make anything today. I hope you’re happy.

*Drops the mic*

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