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The rain is constant this morning and thunder shakes the windows of our house. Being awakened by thunder is scary and awesome. When it happens I sit bolt upright, my heart pounding in my chest until the sound of the familiar rain lulls me back to sleep. It’s weird to me how being unconscious of something can give you peace but when we are awakened by the storm, we panic. Even if just for a second, we feel unsafe.

What makes you feel unsafe about being a creative? If the answer is nothing, maybe you need a little thunder to wake you up at night. Maybe you need a reason to fight. It goes back to that feeling of comfort. It lulls us in because it feels good and it feels smart and it is both of those things. Making stuff for a living is good but it is not safe. It’s a little bit dangerous. That’s ok because your best work will likely not be found in the warmth of safe. We must look into the face of unsafe and choose to fight. Look into the void, not without fear, but because of fear. Because it exists, we know we are alive.

Wake up to thunder. Feel your heart race and sit up straight as the feeling of unsafe comes over you. We make stuff for a living because we believe it deserves to be made. Not because it’s safe.

Happy Monday, Folks!

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