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What Makes You Homesick?

When I’m out of town I reach a point when I start to miss Nashville. It’s usually when I wake up wishing I could go grab some hot chicken from Hattie B’s or a coffee from Frothy Monkey. As much as I love traveling and being in other cities, there something about home that draws you back. A pull of familiarity that is like nothing else and it makes you homesick.

Dreams are kinda like that too. They draw us in with a strange familiarity like they’ve been there all along just waiting for us to miss them. It just feels right. It’s not that we’re finding something new, it’s that we’re getting homesick for the wilderness… where we belong. Homesick for something that we’re missing. We’re being drawn, not by a strange land, but by a familiar one. One that has Hot Chicken and good coffee. Dreams are like coming home.


What makes you homesick? What makes you feel alive when you think about it? Pay attention to that feeling. That feeling that makes your gut tighten with warmth and a smile come to your face. Whatever it is that is gently drawing you back, listen to that. When the wilderness is familiar, when your mind feels overwhelmed with an uncomfortable bliss, stand up straight and pay attention because you’re on to something. Keep searching, keep running. You’re on your way home.


Happy Monday, folks!


Have you ever experienced a feeling of ‘Homesick’ in your work? Like what you’re doing just feels right?

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  • Levi Wiggins - I get seriously homesick for this city too – and I’ve been here less than a year. It’s the sunlight in our apartment, and the adventurous squirrels, I think.ReplyCancel

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