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What’s your show about?

Jen and I are currently binge watching Friday Night Lights. Before this we were hooked on Breaking Bad. Shows like these make me think about what makes the show binge watchable. What is it about these shows that make it easy to keep coming back for more. There are several things that go into making a show successful but I want to focus on just the two that people tell their friends about:

What’s the show about?

Is it a good story?

If I don’t like or know what the show is about and I don’t like or know the story, I won’t watch it and I probably won’t tell my friends about it. I’ll try. I really will! But without those two things in place, I will probably give up on it. It’s nothing personal, I’m sure it’s a good show but I’m going to watch something else. Something more interesting.

So let’s talk about how business is the same way. 

I want people to want to keep coming back. I want them to binge watch my show. I want them to tell their friends how good it is until they go home and put it on their watch list. How does that happen? What do people need to know in order to tell others about how awesome your “show” is?

They need to know what it’s about and they need to know the story.  Start telling them.

So TODAY answer these two questions:

What’s your show about?

Are you telling a good story?

Answer those and start telling everybody.

Clear eyes, full hearts…

Happy Thursday!



What is your show about? I’d love to hear about your business and your ideas. Let’s talk about that 🙂









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