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When Does Great Art Happen?

You can’t wait around for great art to happen. It comes through consistently making good work. I know that seems like it can’t be true. That there must be some secret to how people get to create epic stuff. Well, I guess there is, it’s called making consistently good work over time. It may seem counter intuitive, but that’s what we have to do.

The truth is that the more good work we’re putting out into the world, the more opportunities we’ll get to make it. The more good work we put into the world, the better our “good” will get. Good becomes great through being so damn good you have to give it another name: Great.
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That’s when great art happens. When it’s been good for long enough and it’s too good to be good anymore. There so much you learn when you’re making good art that will take you to great. The problem is that most people don’t stick around and work hard at the good and they never get to the great.

Want to make great art? Make good art for a long (enough) time and be good and making it. Then, and you’ll now when, it will start to become great.

Happy Friday!


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