Don’t Be Fearless, Be Brave

I’m reading Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer. For those who haven’t read Krakauer, he is such a good storyteller. He has a way of drawing you in and keeping you there. Even when I do manage to put it down, it sticks with me, haunting my mind in the best way. Into The Wild […]

The Curtain Is Open

The crowd waits in anticipation. Well, we assumed so. From behind the curtain, you can’t see the crowd. It may be a full house tonight. But I’m not sure… We’ll see soon enough. I was a trumpet major. I have been on the other side of a curtain more times than I can count. Before […]

Find Your Wilderness and Get Lost

“I now walk into the wild.” -Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild Creativity is personal. It requires something of us that we all crave in our soul. To stand on the edge. To look into the void. To fear the unknown and thrive on the struggle. This is when we are alive. This is when art […]

You Can’t Get Mad If Somebody Beats You To It

It’s incredibly difficult to make something new. Something that is yours. The only thing more difficult… is sharing it. You have to share it, or it doesn’t exist. Art made but not shared isn’t art. When I say “Make Stuff” I don’t mean “Stop Here.”…Yes, make all the things. Cause all revolutions. Against all odds, […]

If Everyone’s Special, Then No One Is

If you always win, what’s the point of the game? I mean why even keep score, right? And if that’s the logic, why even play? If you can’t be the best because everybody’s the best, why even try? This general everybody wins mentality isn’t working. Because of the thought process above. If I get rewarded […]