Choose to Matter

It’s safe to focus on things that we can control. Often though, the things that really matter are just beyond our control. So by default, these things are not safe. They’re not easily found and they’re not easily fought for. But there is one thing that is a constant consistency about things that matter: when […]

Self-Inflicted Busyness

I was working through Lara Casey’s book Make It Happen with Jen last week while we were on a short retreat (Which you can read about here) and one of the questions she asks in the book is:¬†“What didn’t work for you last year?” Here’s the short list for me: Not Reading Enough Lack of […]

You Can Do Anything For 12 Weeks.

Jen and I are starting week three of a super awesome challenge called The Amazing 12. Essentially you lift things and eat well for 12 weeks and come out on the other side looking awesome and ripped. Three weeks in, I’m down 11 pounds and I’m starting to see real changes in my physique. Anyway, […]

What Comes Before Winning?

What comes before winning? It is so painfully obvious that we miss it. It’s so¬†incontestably right in front of us that it’s hard to see. You see it on a poster in high school football locker rooms. You see it written on motivational posters. You see it on that dude’s shirt at the gym. It’s […]

Creating Urgency

You know that feeling of having to do something but not knowing where to start? You’re staring at a problem and feel so overwhelmed with the mess and the potential hurtles that you just decide to put it off. The longer and longer you put it off the more stress it adds to your life […]