Are You Running Yet?

The path isn’t clear. Well, at least not all of it. Likely though, that the opening to the path is obvious. You’ve probably walked past it on several occasions noting it’s existence but never daring to see what comes next. But you know why it’s not clear right? You know why there’s not a clearly […]

Happy With The Pursuit

Last week I ran away with Jen to the mountains of North Carolina for a short retreat. It was refreshing and inspiring to be there and gave us both some time to chill, read, reflect, and plan for our year. It was amazing and I highly recommend it. The book I chose to take with […]

The Income You Don’t See On Your Tax Returns

Good morning! I’m sitting in the sunlight this morning drinking bulletproof Bongo Java coffee in my kitchen. I love this. This is the kind of morning that fuels my soul. These are the kinds of mornings that nobody sees but that will be inspiration for our work throughout the year. It’s these little things that […]

The Same 24 Hours

Tuesday feels good. The skies are clearing after the crazy storms here last night and the coolness of fall lingers behind. On quick thought today: Not enough time = Not an excuse. People who get stuff done don’t have all this extra time that you don’t have. No, they have the same 24 hours in […]

The Idea of The Idea

People care about ideas they can see, feel, touch, and smell. If you walk into a situation where you have to share your ideas with people, you better have something to back them up or they will get shot down. I know because I’ve been that guy before. The guy that walks into to a […]