Chasing The Work You Love – Podcast Interview w/Photographer Joe Hendricks

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photo taken by Daniel C. White, Provided by Joe Hendricks I sat down with Joe Hendricks ( to talk with hims about his journey as a creative entrepreneur. From slinging boxes for a wine distributor to building a business that allows him to travel with his family and pursue the things he loves to do. […]

You Don’t Get Paid To Run A Business.

My friend Chris Scott wrote a post last week on the Salesographer blog about how ridiculous it is to share your list of expenses to justify your price. For example, “I charge $X because my insurance+gear+website costs $XYZ.” Chris called bullshit. I do too. I’d like to take it a step further though. Jen and […]

What Happens When You Only Make Stuff You Get Paid For?

Getting paid is awesome. I enjoy it. I enjoy the work that I do and delivering a quality product consistently to clients. But there are times when I need to create something that is just for me. Not for money.  But for the sole purpose of feeding my soul. Todd Henry talks about this in […]

Flow: Letting The Force Be With You

A couple weeks ago I experimented with varying and limiting my time on everyday activities such as email and social media. In that time I added things like writing, reading and shooting (Photographing) personal work. I knew I had a wedding to photograph that weekend and I wanted to see how this might affect my […]