Five Books That Will Help You Make Better Things In 2018

Input creates output. The things we choose to let fill up our brain space is important. Especially for people who make things for a living. Think of it as being as important as the diet changes you’re making for your health. What diet changes are you making for your creative health? What things are you […]

Your “Remember Why” List

I want you to take a some time to think about these five things. What is your work? Why do you do it? Who is it for? Who is it not for? What does success look like? Answer these questions, put them on a card, laminate that card, and look at it when: You’re ready […]

What Does It Mean To Make Stuff For A Living?

So I made this little video the other day with my buddy Mark to have as something of an intro to the blog/site. I also explain a bit about what it means to make stuff for a living. Check it out! Let me know what you think! Happy Thursday, folks! Chris If you like this […]

How Going To The Drive-In Can Make You A Better Creative

things to make you more creative, drive-in, summer movies, things to do in summer

We love the drive-in movie theater. Yes like the one your Grandparents went to. They still exist, man! It’s the perfect summer time experience: Drive out to the middle of nowhere, eat corndogs, watch movies in the open air. It’s awesome. We have yet to have our first drive-in visit of the year but trust […]