Here’s To The Wilderness

When I look back on this year, I see growth and failure. I see lessons learned. I see new friendships. I see crazy adventures and unexpected turns. New opportunities and relishing in the mundane and the “little things” that make up real life. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about being present. About the […]

Your Biggest Moments of 2013 Didn’t Happen On Facebook

We share a lot of our life on the internet. We post updates on twitter, interact with friends on Facebook, and share our lives on Instagram. Short messages and small images, on very small screens. Because of that, a lot of our really cool life stories end up on Facebook. So around this time of  […]

You Went First

When you’re doing what you do today. When you’re knee deep in the busyness today will bring. When the work you’re doing today seems pointless and fruitless and without measure. You start to ask why? Why is the work you’re doing important? Why does anyone care? Why am I doing this? Picture this: A diving […]

The “Need To.” How about you just do it?

I’ve been living in the need to lately. 

I’ll catch myself all the time saying I need to do something. I need to write that. I need to buy that. I need to go there. I need to do this. Harmless statements. Until it becomes more than a statement. Until it becomes procrastination. I’m lucky […]

The Slowness of Life

I’ve been reading The In-Between by Jeff Goins over the weekend. A book about living, embracing, and taking in the life that happens in between big events or big steps. 

Books like this always seem to find me when I need them most. Which is a cool thing that I’ve noticed since I’ve started reading […]