A Good Decision Now, Trumps A Great Decision Later

decision making, creative work, leadership

How often do you get paralyzed by indecision? I was listening to The Tim Farriss Show on the plane to the World Domination Summit. (Can we take a moment to appreciate the epicness of that last sentence?!) And He was interviewing retired four-star General Stan McChrystal about all kinds of awesome stuff. You can listen […]

Comcast Employs Humans

Yesterday, I had to go to a Comcast Service Center. I wasn’t excited about this. I got there as soon as they opened the doors and there were already 10 people waiting to get in. So I get in line inside the tiny waiting area with no chairs with the other people who either aren’t […]

What Friday Night Lights Taught Me

Last night, Jen and I finished Friday Night Lights. We started binge watching it about 4 weeks ago on Amazon Prime because we were tired of hearing people tell us how awesome it is. We absolutely loved it. Afterwards, thinking about how much I’m going to miss these people and these stories, I thought about […]

Summer Reading List 2014

leaders are readers

Reading wasn’t important to me until I made it important. It’s important because I’m only one person. I don’t have all the information. In other words, the collective ideas, views, knowledge, and life experience of other people are always going to be more than I can ever have on my own. Education and reading is […]

Creating Urgency

You know that feeling of having to do something but not knowing where to start? You’re staring at a problem and feel so overwhelmed with the mess and the potential hurtles that you just decide to put it off. The longer and longer you put it off the more stress it adds to your life […]