You Can Do Anything For 12 Weeks.

Jen and I are starting week three of a super awesome challenge called The Amazing 12. Essentially you lift things and eat well for 12 weeks and come out on the other side looking awesome and ripped. Three weeks in, I’m down 11 pounds and I’m starting to see real changes in my physique. Anyway, […]


The longer you wait to make it happen the more time you leave for someone to come in and beat you to it. Say that it exists and no one else can have it. Say that it exists first and it’s the only one that ever will. Make it a thing so it can become […]

Crazy Difficult. Crazy Awesome.

Crazy difficult things that no one else is going to do. That’s what we’re trying to do. That’s what’s going to set you apart. Because the things that are easy, everyone’s already doing them. The things that are difficult are left to those who are crazy. Are you crazy enough? Am I? I read this […]

What Comes Before Winning?

What comes before winning? It is so painfully obvious that we miss it. It’s so incontestably right in front of us that it’s hard to see. You see it on a poster in high school football locker rooms. You see it written on motivational posters. You see it on that dude’s shirt at the gym. It’s […]