Yes to Business Cards, No To Ego.

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When Jen and I first moved to Nashville we were met with kind-hearted, open people. People. Not business owners. Not Photographers. People. These people we were meeting happened to own businesses and happened to be photographers and the events happened to be photography meetings. But they talked to us about us, and us about them. […]

Comcast Employs Humans

Yesterday, I had to go to a Comcast Service Center. I wasn’t excited about this. I got there as soon as they opened the doors and there were already 10 people waiting to get in. So I get in line inside the tiny waiting area with no chairs with the other people who either aren’t […]

Your Biggest Moments of 2013 Didn’t Happen On Facebook

We share a lot of our life on the internet. We post updates on twitter, interact with friends on Facebook, and share our lives on Instagram. Short messages and small images, on very small screens. Because of that, a lot of our really cool life stories end up on Facebook. So around this time of  […]

Genuine Relationships: Help People and Be Real

For a time that makes it so easy to connect with each other it’s hard to really connect with each other genuinely. Going through and adding a whole crew of people on your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or going to networking events and “making it rain” business cards all night, may help start a conversation with […]

Share In The Success Of Your Friends By Celebrating With Them

Honest Hour: Sometimes when I see something awesome someone I know has done, my first thought is, “Damn! I wish I’d thought of that.” That sucks. Especially when these people are friends and they have some successful project take off or an awesome idea come to life, we need to lift them up and celebrate! […]