I Don’t Understand Your Dream

Stop trying make people understand your dream. It will never happen… Until it’s real. I know for me personally when I share an idea I’m excited about and the person doesn’t share my excitement, I get offended. Why? Why should they be excited? I haven’t done anything yet! Remember, it’s your dream not theirs. By […]

Boring Is Already Taken, So Is Different

Differentiation is beat to death. I don’t mean that we shouldn’t differentiate but I do think sometimes we get too caught up on the “Different” part of the word. To be different from our competition is the goal but not for different’s sake. “Different for different sake” is just as boring as “same.” “In almost […]

Uninspired Is Not An Excuse

If you get paid to make stuff: Writing, photography, design, the lack of inspiration doesn’t give you permission to make sub-par work. It’s too easy to blame lack of inspiration. It’s easy because it’s not on us…. but it is. It is because we didn’t create the value we promised we could create. Uninspired or […]

How To Not Make A Masterpiece

Last night I watched The Monuments Men. A film set in WWII, based on a true story, where a group of guy’s only mission is to find and save art that has been stolen by the Nazis: who’ve planned to destroy all of it should they lose the war. The art they are charged to […]

Your Work Is Not Your Craft.

Your work is not you craft. It may look like I’m a photographer. But what I do is not about photography. What I do is about helping people remember what it felt like to be here. The “here” part changes, but the “remember what it felt like” part never will. The tools change, but the […]