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Can’t Not Do.

You ever have an opportunity come in to your life and you just feel like you can’t not do it? Think back over you life to this point. The people who have influenced it, the places you’ve been, the projects you’ve worked on, the work you’ve done. What are the moments that stand out? What are the connectors? What made you feel alive?

I think of “purpose” like an arch. An arch over my entire life and when I look back, I can see “spikes” like a line graph that reach up to that line. Like there were certain times I would reach it and I can remember what that felt like. I see those points that have fallen on a line and I can start to draw a picture to discover this common theme in my life. The more connector points I can find, the clearer the picture becomes. It might be fuzzy, but the clues lead to a trail I can’t not take.

The idea of “Finding Purpose” can be overwhelming but I think what it really comes down to is this: what would you do anyway? Even if no one ever cared. If no one ever took notice, if you never made money, what would you do anyway? What are those things you can’t not do? (Side note: You probably will make money. I hope you make all of it. 🙂 )

I really don’t believe that it has to be just one thing. It may be a number of things that fall under the same theme. Whatever it is, the sooner we start to draw the picture, the sooner we can see what it looks like. I feel like the problem with thinking about these things is that we get so caught up on doing the right things, so afraid to go in the wrong direction, we just don’t go anywhere. Don’t miss the thing when you’re searching for the right thing.

The things you can’t not do. Pay attention to those. Do those. Because your “can’t no dos” are probably just my “can’t dos” or “won’t dos.” We need the stuff you can’t not do. Make that stuff.

Happy Tuesday!

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