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Even When My Bones Are Broken

So a couple of weeks ago our pastor was at church. I know that sounds weird. But we were surprised to see him because he hadn’t been there the previous week. He had taken a pretty wicked fall on a bike ride and broke three ribs and a clavicle. But this week, there he was up front teaching in a sling.

When I saw him up there my first thought was a prayer: Lord, give me a calling that inspires me to get up and feed it, even when my bones are broken.Even-When-My-Bones-Are-Broken

Later, he spoke about perseverance. He spoke about his broken bones and how he doesn’t know how God is using it but he’s grateful for it. “Am I glad I broke my ribs and have to wear a sling? No! Am I praying ‘Lord, let’s do the other side now!’ no! That would be insane.” he said, “but I’ll not waste my suffering.”

Let us not waste our suffering. Let this time in your life, be it trying or easy, let it be what it is: a teacher. May we learn and grow and continue to run in the direction we’re being lead. May we have a calling that inspires us to stand up when we get knocked down. May we always keep standing back up. Even when our bones are broken.

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