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Glimpse Of Awesome

When Jen and I were in Colorado we drove out to the Great Sand Dunes National Park for a session. The drive was through a lot of nothing. Just beautiful mountains, empty roads, and ghost towns. The whole time we were all wondering when we were going to see the dunes and trying to guess which mountain they were going to appear under. We drove and drove, until we rounded one final curve and saw our first glimpse of the Sand Dunes.
They were small from this distance. It looked like someone took several dump trucks full of sand and dropped it right in front of a mountain. But as we got closer, the dunes got bigger, and bigger. All we kept repeating was, “I just don’t know what’s going to happen when we get there.” As we step out and look at the true vastness of it, the mountains of sand, we realized that what we saw earlier from afar was just a tiny glimpse of how awesome it is. But the view from where we are now, is unbelievable. Truly.
When you see a glimpse of awesome, stick around to see what happens next. Don’t ignore those flashes of insight into a “could-be-something-awesome.” If you see a glimpse of it, stick it out and see what’s next. It may blow your mind.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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