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Here’s To The Wilderness

When I look back on this year, I see growth and failure. I see lessons learned. I see new friendships. I see crazy adventures and unexpected turns. New opportunities and relishing in the mundane and the “little things” that make up real life. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about being present. About the gift of today. That has me made me grow more than I thought possible.

I can only hope that next year will be made up of even more adventure. More wilderness. More unknown. Because being in the unknown this year has given me more opportunities to feel alive. Teetering on the edge of utter failure and sure success defines us as creatives. This might not work, but here’s to the wilderness.

So I want to take this time to encourage you to look back on 2013 and think about the real defining moments for you. The times that make your heart ache to be back there. Or that make you grateful that you made it through. We make more awesome stuff when we feel alive. Here’s to the wilderness.



So instead of waiting until 2014 to do more stuff that makes you feel alive, why not start today? Write down on paper right now 3 crazy goals you want to achieve next year. Then start. Today.

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  • Fragments of Light - I’ve been listening to “I lived” by One Republic, over and over, and then read your post. Thank you for this challenge to truly live!ReplyCancel

    • Chris Creed - Love that record! Thanks for reading 🙂ReplyCancel

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