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The Cost Of Living

I wish there were a ‘life cost’ tag on activities. Not a price. We know how much money we are willing to spend on things. But I’m talking about how much ‘life’ will this cost? How awesome would it be it you could look at something and see “This will cost x amount of life.” It would certainly make it easier to prioritize. What if there were a tracker that kept track of your time on Facebook vs. Your time spent outside? Your time spent with your family and friends vs. work? And at the end of the month, you would get your Life-Cost Report filling you in on where you spent the most time and energy.

If you could see these numbers, where would you want the most ‘Life’ to be spent? Thinking about this will make it easier to know the things that are important to you. And when you know what’s important you can make something that matters. Because in order to make stuff that matters, you have to know what matters.

The cost of living is paid for in time and energy. Deciding where to spend it is the most influential decision we will make today.

Cost Of Living

Social Media.
Being outdoors.

All these things are good. They are all worth our time. We just need to know when and how to spend our time and energy in order to keep our cost of life from getting away from us. You can’t make any more time for today. You can’t make any more energy for today. You have today to spend today’s time and today’s energy.

How will you spend today’s ‘Life’?

Happy Wednesday, guys!

**If you’re interested in tracking your time, I use the iTrack My Time app. It beautifully designed and easy to use. It provided some insight into where most of my time and energy was going.**


Where do you suspect most of your time and energy is going this week? Where would you like it to be spent?

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  • Tom Schaber - I’ve read thousands of messages, posts, emails, words of wisdom in my 68 years but this post is the best I have ever read-bar none! It nails accountability to self right between the eyes. If you do not pay attention to this why bother paying attention to life. Thank you!


    • Chris Creed - Wow, Tom. Thank you so much. I just think the decisions involving our time and energy will influence our lives in ways we can’t even imagine. Not just our mood, but our life direction, and goals are affected as well.

      Thank you for reading, Tom.ReplyCancel

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