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Too Scary For Words

Jen and I were talking with a friend yesterday about what we see coming up down the road for us. Something we talk about frequently but never really nail it down with any cohesiveness. So we jab on for a bit dancing around things, when Jen says: “Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff we’d love to do that’s just too scary to put into words.” We laughed but she’s right and it’s true. And also, it’s ok.

Is your adventure too scary to put into words? Does the wilderness you’re staring at look so vast that you’re not sure you could ever make it through alive? I get it. When we get to these places of uncertainty, it’s normal to pause. It’s normal to stare into the void and wonder what’s inside. But what happens next is not normal. What happens next is what will separate you from the average observer. Yes it’s scary. Yes it might not work. But here’s to the wilderness.
fearlessness, bravery

It’s normal to have that feeling because fear is a healthy reminder that what we’re about to do might be dangerous. But it might also be awesome. Fearlessness is not a requirement of making stuff that changes the world but Bravery is. It might be too scary for words right now but what happens next might be awesome. The words will come when they come. For now, just step in. Here’s to the wilderness!

Happy Thursday folks!


If your wilderness is NOT (or is) too scary for words right now, I’d love to hear about it! What can you do today to get started?

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