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What Friday Night Lights Taught Me

Last night, Jen and I finished Friday Night Lights. We started binge watching it about 4 weeks ago on Amazon Prime because we were tired of hearing people tell us how awesome it is. We absolutely loved it. Afterwards, thinking about how much I’m going to miss these people and these stories, I thought about what the show was about. Yes, it’s about high school football and all the stories that go along with that. But I think there are certain themes that really carry the show and make you want to keep coming back.

These are the three things I learned from Friday Night Lights:

1. The Power of Good Stories
A good story, is a good story, is a good story. The story telling in this show is classic.

Why is it important? Because there’s a power that lies in a good story. A power to draw us in and keep us for good. This show is excellent at telling them. It’s just a good freaking story and for that, I am a sucker.

2. The Power of Good Leadership
There is leadership in this show that inspires change. Coach Eric Taylor (in the show, he’s called on more than one occasion a “molder of men”) has some crazy awesome leadership moments. He also has some crazy epic leadership fails. But as you follow the story, you see that he understands his failure but doesn’t let it defeat him and more so, he learns from it. This makes him a good leader. Tami Taylor also shows exemplary leadership throughout the show as well. She’s pretty much spot on as a guidance councilor, principal, and mother.

Why is it important? Because good leadership can inspire change. We need it. We need to learn it.

3. The Power of Good Relationships
Relationships. How to make them work, how to break them, what good relationships look like, why we need them. All of these things come through in a powerful way.

Why it is important? Because understanding how we relate to other people should be a part of our plan for success. We live in a world with other humans. We need to learn how to live with each other. Relationships are very, very important.

It’s just a TV show right? Yeah it is. But these things that it deals with? Those are real life. Those are real ideals that we can adopt to be better creatives, business owners, and humans. I believe that’s what keeps people coming back. Because we want these things to be present in our own lives. Clear eyes, full hearts…

Happy Monday guys!



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