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Art Doesn’t Have To Be ‘Right’

You know what’s cool about art? It doesn’t have to be right. We were walking around The Met this weekend and overheard a woman critiquing a piece of art. She was talking about how the perspective was all off and the proportions, they were just… “not right.” Then I looked around at all the pieces of art, some of which were made hundreds of years ago, and thought “How cool is it that a painting that is ‘not right’ is hanging up in the largest art museum in the United States?!” (the 2nd largest in the world!)

New-York-City-SkylineArt doesn’t have to be right, it just has to exist. If it connects with the right people at the right time then it’s done it’s job. Even if the right people is you and the right time is when you made it, it still gets to be called art. Don’t let the thought that what you’re making is not good or not right keep you from making stuff. We’re a generation of comparison but it’s a sickness that will stop your best work from happening if you allow it to.

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. Here’s an extended audio version of this post!

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