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It Might Just Be About The Art.

When money is involved we get scared. We get scared that it’s going to stop being involved. That what we’re producing will end up not being good enough to exchange for amount of money we need/want. Valid fear, but what if there was no money? What if no money existed and instead we received fulfillment from connection. From actually making stuff. Then, as Seth Godin says in The Icarus Deception, it might just be about the art.

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I think we just have to make stuff. Money and business will come if we work for it but the things we make, have to be art. Art can be paid for, but it could just be art. Maybe you make more money. Maybe you just make more art. You can choose but understand that making art does not have to mean making money. Both are possible and both are awesome but they don’t have to go hand in hand.

Don’t let the fear of not making money keep you from making art.


Happy Tuesday, yo!

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