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The Awesome Virus: Do More Stuff.

You ever think: “I wish I was doing more awesome stuff.” I’ve been thinking on this idea a lot. The truth is, I don’t think we need to be doing more awesome stuff, I think we just need to be doing more stuff. You can’t do more awesome stuff without the “more” part or the “stuff” part. Do “more stuff,” and the “stuff” will get more awesome. Don’t make it all random (although some randomness is good) but the more you do, the more you find yourself in situations where awesome happens.


The Awesome Virus:
is an infective agent that typically consists of combinations of dreaming and doing. It is too small to be seen at it’s beginning but is able to multiply with more life and more doing and from being around other infected hosts.

how to be more awesomeWanna do more awesome stuff? Do more stuff and be around more people who do stuff too. So go places. Go to conferences. Meet awesome people. Change your routines. The people you see doing awesome stuff didn’t get to do those things by waiting for them. The gods of awesome didn’t show them favor and decide to leave you out. What happens is they freaking chase after the awesome every single day. And if you start chasing awesome, eventually you’ll catch it. Catch it like a virus. A virus can only multiply and spread in living cells of it’s host. Life is a requirement to catch this virus. Go ahead. Do more life.

Happy Wednesday!


Do you know someone who has the awesome virus? Go hang out with them. Today.

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