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Being OK With “Maybe Not.”

You know what’s cool about growing up? We don’t really have to know what we want to be when we grow up. We get that question a lot when we’re young and the answer for me was always superhero related. (And kinda still is) But the truth is you don’t have to know exactly what it is you want to do for the rest of your life, at the start of your life.

Now that I’m up, I’ve had it “all figured out” more times than I can count. All of those times I finally thought I had it figured out, there would come a point when I would think, “Maybe not.” Then I’d think I had it figured out again, then again maybe not. All of those times led me to what I’m doing now. I love what we do for a living and the places we get to go and the people we get to meet. I’m beyond grateful. But is this what I’ll do forever? Maybe not.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being an entrepreneur and owner it is that you kind of have to be ok with “Maybe not.” You kind of have to be ok with “this might not work.” 

We’re all lost in the wilderness and making our own path. The biggest lesson we have to learn as adults is being ok with “Maybe not.”


The question you might have is: Why would I start a “Maybe not?” The answer is simple: Because of the maybe part. Maybe not, but maybe yes! You see what I’m saying? I’ll always start a ‘maybe not’ because I’d rather it be a ‘maybe not’ than a just “not.” This is not easy, but being ok with “maybe not” is the first step to being ok with being in business for yourself. If you want to make stuff for a living, forever and always, get ok with “maybe not.”

Happy Friday! Go do good things 🙂







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