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Choose to Matter

It’s safe to focus on things that we can control. Often though, the things that really matter are just beyond our control. So by default, these things are not safe. They’re not easily found and they’re not easily fought for. But there is one thing that is a constant consistency about things that matter: when you do find them and you do start fighting for them, they will not be easily ignored.

“Most organizations go too slowly, study things too much, work to not matter too much, because mattering is a good way to get noticed and getting noticed might get you into trouble.”
-Seth Godin

To matter is to be exposed and out in the open.
Open to judgement.
Open to criticism.
Open to trouble.

Focusing on things that matter is the key to escaping mediocrity. Continuously putting things on your plate every day that get you closer to your goals is what will cause you to win. Not mattering may not necessarily mean “Not Successful” but it certainly will always mean “Not Mattering.”

I choose to matter and to chase after things that matter. Because if mattering means being open, exposed and different; standing for something while everyone else sits. Then the alternative is being restricted, safe, and the same. Yeah, I choose mattering.

What do you choose?

Happy Tuesday!


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