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Defining Your Motivators

Things that motivate us matter. There are things that motivate us that are external. And things that are internal. Both have value. Both should be defined.

For example: I’m motivated to make stuff because it’s how I make money (External). And because when I don’t, I’m not fulfilled (Internal).

External motivation is important because it lets us know something is working. We make goals, we hit them, we keep moving. External motivation can help with things like self-doubt. It’s validation. But external validation only works 80% of the time. The other part of validation has to come from within. From your soul. What feeds your soul?

Internal motivation is essential on this path that we’re on. It’s really what gets us out of bed in the morning. It’s your why. Your reason you make what you make and how it has value even if money isn’t involved. These motivations help us get through times when there is no external motivation. Slow times. We lean on our internal motivation to get us through to to the other side. And when things aren’t slow, when they’re busy, we lean on them then too. To remind us that we’re getting to do what we love.

So have you defined these for yourself? Do you know what motivates you? Internally and Externally? Defining these motivators is essential to the creative entrepreneur. We need to know why we’re doing this. Otherwise we will surely quit. Not fail. Quit. Don’t let that happen.

If you need help finding your motivators, look at where you spend your time and your money. Look at your relationships. Look at your goals. What things stand out to you as trends? These things are probably where your priorities lie and that’s always a good place to start. If you don’t like what your priorities look like, spend some time on those first. Then it should be easy to define what motivates you to keep going.

Happy Thursday!


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