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Yesterday I sent out an email to the Resilient Creative tribe (If you’re not a part of THAT party yet, you should be :)) and asked them to give me their own personal definition of freedom. I got so many great answers back!

How would YOU define freedom? What does freedom look like for you? 

I believe that you find “freedom” at the intersection courageous action and clear vision. And in a way, those two things work to prop each other up. When you have a clear vision, you take courageous action. And when you feel brave enough to take courageous action, your vision gets a little bit clearer. So freedom comes to those who can define where it is they want to go and take courageous steps to get there.

Maybe your freedom looks like never having to worry about money or to never feel limited. Or maybe you want to be able to travel when you want. Or maybe it’s being able to wake up every day and go for a hike with your family! Whatever it is, know that if you define the vision you can then start to figure out what courageous actions need to be taken in order to make it real.

So, what does freedom mean to YOU? My guess is you already know. So how do you get there?

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